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Ransomware Solution

To our retained clients we offer our full Ransomware Protection Solution to maximize preparation and protection.

plan, train, respond!
  1. Plan: We deep dive into your company’s operation, footprint and risk appetite and develop policies and framework for your company and to prepare you to handle a ransomware attack in the best possible way.

  2. Train: Based on the policies and framework we tailor yearly specific training exercises for your leadership teams. This allows for your leadership teams to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the company policy and practice their own role and contribution in case of a ransomware attack.

  3. Respond: We guarantee our retained clients access to a Ransomware Negotiator and Crisis Manager within one hour of contacting us. The Negotiator will have previous knowledge of the plans and procedures for your specific company. The Negotiator will lead the Crisis Management and Negotiations to minimize your financial, image related and legal losses due to Ransomware attacks. 

We only use certified Hostage Negotiators on our operations. In Ransomware attacks the “hostage” is the company and as such the negotiation should only be handled by certified professionals.

Emergency Response

As a Ransomware Solution client you have access to us 24/7/365. Our highly specialized team is on standby and ready to assist clients all over the world whenever ransomware hits. 

Our services are based on the unique combination of tier one training and education combined with many years of active service in elite units – all within the field of hostage negotiations and special intelligence operations. 

This gives us the best possible foundation to assist business executives around the world, and it is your guarantee that at Delta Crisis Management you get the best possible assistance  when you need it, tailored to your specific situation.

Not yet a retained Delta Crisis Management Client? Contact us 24/7 for Emergency Response if you have been hit by Ransomware.

minimize your financial, image related and legal losses due to Ransomware attacks

Crisis Management Plan

As a Ransomware Solution client you receive a bespoke crisis management plan for managing ransomware as well as an annual update to the plan. 

The plan is designed to be used under pressure and is solely based on principles and tools that we have seen work in practice. Therefore, it is short, easy-to-use and operational. The plan enables you to make the right decisions in the right order to mimize the financial, image related as well as potential legal costs of a ransomware attack. 

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Crisis Exercises

Train as you fight. The Delta Ransomware Solution includes one annual crisis management exercise to ensure your maximum preparedness. The exercise is designed to give your Crisis Management Team the tools for managing a crisis situation whilst simultaneously uncovering potential vulnerabilities in your current crisis management framework.

The exercise always consists of three parts:

  1. Class-room training on the practical tools and principles for excellent crisis management

  2. A practical exercise based on real-life ransomware cases with realistic inputs along the way

  3. A comprehensive debrief to ensure we lock in your lessons learned

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