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Delta Crisis Management is a crisis management and security consultancy based in Switzerland. Since 2010, we have helped our clients prepare for and cope with extreme crisis situations, including hostage takings and ransomware attacks.

We are a company with a strong set of ethics. We know that our advice and services have a profound impact on our clients’ ability to cope with difficult situations. Ultimately, our services may mean the difference between life and death for our clients.

As a consequence, we impose strict demands on the quality of our work.

a team of professionals

The team at Delta Crisis Management is comprised of a select group of highly qualified professionals, who all have an extensive background as military or intelligence officers and are subject matter experts in crisis management, crisis negotiations and intelligence operations.

Each member of our team has an educational background from some of the best intelligence and security services in the world, including FBI and Scotland Yard combined with other specialized training programs within the military and intelligence industry – including hostage negotiation and special intelligence operations.

During their years of government service our team members have all served for 10+ years in highly specialized units. Through their service they have acquired extensive operational experience from a variety of critical operations, crisis situations and hostage negotiations around the world.

To this day some of our team members still serve as subject matter experts for government agencies within their fields of expertise.

The composition of our team ensures our customers the best possible help when crises arise.

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